06 Apr

La-Z-Boy Seattle Invites you to Meet “The Makers” of La-Z-Boy: Leandra Osborn

la-z-boy-seattle-the-makers-leandra-osbornLeandra Osborn is a La-Z-Boy Customer Service Representative.  She believes in the importance of making genuine connections with people.  She also believe it’s important to fully understand the La-Z-Boy world.

“I actually had three months of training before I started working here” says Osborn. “When I answer that phone it could be anything from ‘What’s the closest store to me?’ to ‘I have a chair from 1980 and the thing-a-ma-bob broke.’ You just never know!”

Osborn knows what it’s like to be customer.  “I know what I would like to expect when I’m working with somebody,” she says, “and I try to be that person for other customers.”

Osborn also knows how important La-Z-Boy furniture is to many La-Z-Boy customers.  “It’s not only a piece of furniture. It holds memories, “she says.  “That’s the most rewarding, when you are restoring a memory for somebody.”

Watch the La-Z-Boy “The Makers” video with Leandra