28 Apr

La-Z-Boy Seattle Invites you to Meet “The Makers” of La-Z-Boy: Vanessa Labriola

la-z-boy-seattle-the-makers-vanessa-labriola“The reason I got into design is truly to create peace and relaxation and beauty within a space that you’re in every single day” says La-Z-Boy designer, Vanessa Labriola. “I love that the fact that every day I get to meet a new person and create that feeling for them.”

Labriola says she loves to be able to walk into a room and visualize what it may become.  She also says the most important factor is getting to know the people who will live in it, her La-Z-Boy clients!

Labriola believes it’s a great experience to watch the visions that come from her La-Z-Boy clients come to life. “I care about these people,” says Labriola,  “and I want them feeling happy and excited and in love with their room.”

Watch the La-Z-Boy “The Makers” video with Vanessa Labriola