21 Jun

Style without Stains

lazyRelaxing is a big part of the warm summer months and with kids, pets, friends, and family over more often, it can translate into increased lounging time. But as we all know, that can also mean more cleaning up which can be a real hassle.

However, there is one way to take the fear of ugly furniture stains off your mind, and that’s with the new collection of iClean stain resistant fabrics. They take all the work and worry out of unexpected spills and messes that are a part of life.

With great colors and styles for chairs, couches, and ottomans, you’ll get the look you love without the added stress or worry of those inevitable accidents. Besides, who wants to live with that worry when you can have iClean in your life?

These furniture pieces are made with family in mind, so they are comfortable, durable, and come in plenty of great bold color choices as well as classic tones that fit your every mood, style, and taste.

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