26 Oct

How to Keep White Furniture Clean

White Sofa Lazboy Seattle Natalie Premier Sofa

White sofas are beautiful–not only do they help brighten a room, but they also give off an air of affluence. If you can keep a white couch white, then presumably your pets, kids, and the rest of your family are well mannered and never spill a thing! In reality, no one has that life, but you sure can pretend!

Here’s the secret to great-looking white furniture:
La-Z-Boy’s iClean fabric is easier to clean than other sofa fabrics, it’s even stain resistant. For most spills, you can simply blot out the stain with a paper towel. For more stubborn spots, add some soap and water. This sofa, the Natalie Premier Sofa, comes in endless covers aside from this creamy white color.

Body Depth: 38.0
Body Height: 39.0
Body Width: 86.0
Seat Depth: 20.0
Seat Height: 21.5
Seat Width: 68.0

If you don’t opt for iClean fabric, there are still ways to manage white furniture. Here are some other tips for dealing with light, bright sofas:

  • Vacuum often: Tiny particles—dust included–can turn into a stain, even if you spill water on it. Vacuuming the couch often prohibits this from happening by managing the amount of dirt the fabric collects.
  • Always treat stains immediately: There are tried and tested solutions for any kind of stain under the sun with a simple online search, but it can be helpful to start in a small area to see what works best for your fabric. Cleaning immediately helps prohibit fibers from indelibly absorbing the stain
  • Think big: Sometimes it can become obvious that you’ve just cleaned one spot on the cushion. Try cleaning a larger area of the cushion so that it blends better. Vacuum the surface of the fabric after it has completely dried to remove any leftover particles or fabric cleaner.
  • Resist the plastic cover: It might feel nice to wipe away spills, but plastic sofa covers should remain in old sitcoms, not your living room.

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