08 Oct

Natalie Premier Supreme Comfort™ Queen Sleep Sofa

Accidental spills are part of owning furniture that’s heavily used by your family. If you and your family often snack and drink on the couch, you’re not alone. That’s why La-Z-Boy created the iClean fabric. When you choose this fabric, you can rest easy ordering a gorgeous cream colored sofa. Each thread of fabric is coated with an innovative stain-resistant finish that’s easy to clean and soft to the touch.

A piece that’ll get you years of beautiful use is the Natalie Premier Supreme Comfort™ Queen Sleep Sofa. This model can be selected with the iClean fabric option. Confidently invite guests over, knowing that the flipside of the cushions don’t have embarrassing stains you’ve attempted to hide. Sleeper sofas are truly valuable, but with La-Z-Boy’s iconic quality and comfort, you’ll have a sofa that will last for years to come.

Curl up with a cup of coffee on that white sofa without fear! Most spills on iClean fabric come out by simply blotting with a paper towel, and using a mild soap if it’s tougher.

Body Depth: 38.0
Body Height: 39.0
Body Width: 86.0
Seat Depth: 20.0
Seat Height: 21.5
Seat Width: 68.0

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