05 Dec

Simple and Homey: Talbot Premier Sofa

Lazboy Seattle Talbot Premier Sofa

Simple design elements can help you create a space that’s totally yours. When you’re putting together your living space, you might want to add details that are specific to you and your life experiences. Souvenirs, mementos, and photographs add character to a room, and sometimes you want a simple, clean slate to add those details to.

For a simple, comfortable sofa that’ll stand the test of time, the Talbot Premier Sofa is a great model to consider. The wooden legs can pick up on other wood in the space, just like the wood panels on the mini bar in the room featured in this photo.

Completing this simple look means you can add small plants, like a pot of succulents and fresh cut flowers. If you don’t have wide windows that let sunlight flood in, you can place lamps throughout the room for calming yellow light.

The most important part of creating a homey room that’s still refined and not cluttered is choosing elements to put throughout the room that have a lot of meaning to you. Fill your room with things that make you happy, whether that’s warm blankets, tall green plants, or elephant statues!

Body Depth: 35.5
Body Height: 37.0
Body Width: 78.5
Seat Depth: 20.5
Seat Height: 21.0
Seat Width: 67.0

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