27 Feb

Leather Sectional: The Allerton Sectional


Throw a design curveball with this unique sectional. The Allerton Sectional by La-Z-Boy has the sleek sophistication you’ve been searching for. Curved sectionals add an element of interest and unexpected style that can be hard to pinpoint. If you’re looking for a sectional that has high arms and a sleek finish that is also comfortable enough to invite you to stay for an afternoon, this sectional is it.

As with all La-Z-Boy furniture, this sectional is highly customizable for specified shapes and fabrics. By visiting your local La-Z-Boy store, you’ll be able to find sectionals of all shapes, sizes and textures. The unifying feature, however is how comfortable you’ll be, no matter what the outside looks like.

Sectionals are a great way to pack in the seating area of your living space. Though very small spaces may feel cramped with a sectional, you might be surprised at how a mid-sized living room can look. Before purchasing a sectional, consider using blue painter’s tape to map out the dimensions of the furniture and decide if it can fit.

Dimensions vary depending on the type of pieces you choose for this sectional.

If you’re interested in this piece, visit your local La-Z-Boy location:
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