29 Mar

Why Contrast is Vital in Interior Design

Have you ever entered a room and been blown away by its presence? Interior designers and home owners who take great care to assemble stunning rooms will often tell you that the secret to how they make the room look so great is a simple concept: contrast.


This paradigm was developed during the Renaissance, notably by the artist Rembrandt. The innovative painting style, called chiaroscuro opened the world’s eyes to what contrast could do to improve man-made art. Suddenly, figures could pop off a page, all thanks to the stark contrast between light and dark hues for a more dramatic effect. Chiaroscuro has influenced design in all aspects of design, including interior decorating.


Though you may not realize it, contrast is used in interior design with anything from form, to color, to textiles. Contrast creates interest, and enables focal points to arise so the eye is guided throughout a room, instead of having to absorb a jumble of pieces to create one look.

Phoebe Premier Stationary Chair


This La-Z-Boy stationary chair exemplifies the concept of contrast in the upholstery. The dark legs pick up on the darker blue hues, which contrast with the while floral pattern. Envision placing a pair of the Phoebe Premier Stationary Chair in a room with dark walls and a white sofa. As the colors compete, the result is organized chaos that is pleasing to the eye.


Body Depth: 40.0
Body Height: 38.0
Body Width: 39.0
Seat Depth: 22.0
Seat Height: 21.0
Seat Width: 23.0

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