21 Sep

It’s Like Sitting on a Marshmallow

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little R & R once in a while. Whether it’s during Sunday morning coffee or Thursday afternoon iced tea, your recliner is there when you need to chill out. A great recliner puts you at ease at the end of the day for you to put your feet up and catch up on the news. One of the best things about this type of furniture is that everyone knows that’s “your spot”. Although, it’s not unusual to find the dog there keeping your seat warm for you.

The Jasper Reclina-Way® Recliner is one of La-Z-Boy’s most comfortable recliners ever designed. Not only is it wide enough to really stretch out, but the padded arms and ultra-plush seat back are sure to lull you right to sleep. The pillow-covered surface of this recliner provides extreme comfort that will last for years.

Another fantastic element of this recliner is that the space-saving design allows you to fully recline just a few inches away from the wall. That means, in smaller spaces, you won’t have to set up this recliner far off the wall to allow for a comfortable recline. On those rainy Seattle days, it’s nice to have a dependable place to sit back and relax that’s all your own.

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