30 Apr

Finding Time for Family Time

Brown James sectional by lazboy

Finding the time to get the family all together is difficult with a busy schedule. However, creating a living room that you love and never want to leave may make finding time a little easier. Designing an inviting space can be just what you need to inspire new game nights, new conversations, and new beginnings in your home. The living room sectional can be the center of your family’s bonding time for years to come so it’s important that you pick one that fits your lifestyle.

The James Sectional is an inviting, yet modern piece that is both comfortable and stylish. Pairing this sectional with rustic décor and light neutral colors can allow it to stand out in your space. With this piece, you don’t have to compromise whether you want durability or style for your living room. This sectional features our iClean technology which adds a little extra protection should a spill happen, which is inevitable during snack time. Your mind can be at ease when you know that your sectional is protected, and you can focus on enjoying time with your family.

Brown James sectional by lazboy

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Dimensions vary upon which model and customizations are chosen.