22 Aug

The Eco-Friendly Choice: conserve™ Sustainable Fabrics

lazy boy seattle conserve fabric on sofa

Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, so most of the plastic ever made is still present on our Earth. Plastic pollution is harmful to all living things on Earth, the people, the animals and the land. That’s why we’ve decided to use everyday materials like water bottles and recycle them for everyday comfort. Introducing conserve™ Sustainable Fabrics.

How Do We Do It?

Recycled water bottles are washed and processed into flake, the flake is melted into chip, fiber is extracted from the chip, and the fiber is woven into soft, durable fabric. One La-Z-Boy chair uses about 50 water bottles, a loveseat uses about 80 water bottles and a sofa uses about 110 water bottles.

The La-Z-Boy Promise

As with all of our fabrics, they are tested for durability, safety and quality, and conserve™ Sustainable Fabrics are no different. The new fabric is held up to standards and tests to ensure long-lasting, comfortable fabric for years to come. You can even combine La-Z-Boy conserve™ Sustainable Fabrics with iClean™ technology for the ultimate duo that saves the environment and protects your furniture from stains.

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