11 May

Tips for a Seasonal Furniture Shakeup

The summer months fill us with bright colors, casual style and relaxation. This can also be translated into a seasonal furniture shakeup at home. Blending fun, vibrant colors creates a casual and relaxed feeling to any room and it’s truly easier than you may think.

If you are a lover of colors, go bold with a bright red couch or arm chair. If neutral is more your pace, than create a summer splash with accent pillows which can be changed out at the end of the season.

Mixing and matching pieces can also create the casual feel you’re looking for but don’t be too afraid of fun summer colors. Swapping out curtains, pillow and rugs to are also a simple, fast way to shake things up.

This summer, go make that causal style you admire, your very own!

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29 Apr

Small Space Can Mean Big Style

Even if your living spaces are a wee bit limited, you don’t have to compromise your style or comfort needs. There are many easy design tricks that can make your space look larger, like adding mirrors, painting the walls a lighter color and accessorizing with lighter colors.

And when it comes to furniture pieces, we’ve got you covered with great pieces that are slender in size, but big in comfort and give you style that you are looking for. Smaller homes or apartments can be made into cozy quarters with arm chairs, ottomans and loveseats made for all room sizes.

Keeping the area clutter free and choosing lighter colors makes the space look larger and more inviting. Multi-use items give you storage space while keeping things easily accessible. Our sleeper sofas are comfortable, stylish and allow for overnight guests even without a guest room.

So, don’t think that you’re small space means you can’t have grand style!

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15 Apr

Tips for Furnishing Outside

Dining, relaxing and eating outside is ideal this time of year. Enjoying an outdoor living area doesn’t have to be a luxury, it can be your reality. If you have the space, turning even a small outside area into a living space can give you the feel of a whole new room.

Depending on your space and your style, you have loads of furniture and style options to make it your own. You can start with a few key pieces and build from there, or if you’re inspired, we have entire sets of durable, weatherproof furniture that is ready to kick off your outdoor entertaining or relaxation.

Finding your favorite colors and styles won’t be hard with all the choices that come with our outdoor collection. And we even have outdoor recliners for your patio or terrace!

So, next time you look out at your backyard, see even more by envisioning a whole other room! The options are limitless and we are here to help.

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23 Mar

A Look at La-Z-Boy Seattle’s 6 Types of Recliners

rocker recliner

  • Patented La-Z-Boy mechanisms for the smoothest reclining
  • Totally body and lumbar support while you rock and recline
  • Locking leg rest offers 3 positions for customized support

wall recliner

  • Short on space? These recliners recline forward for space-saving convenience
  • Customizable with adjustable settings
  • Engineered for the smoothest reclining movement, exclusively for La-Z-Boy

power recliner

  • Effortless movement, with a 6 second recline time from upright to fully reclined
  • Power controlled reclining for personalized comfort in any position
  • Quiet and stable base for a smooth reclining motion

glider recliner

  • Perfect for watching TV, with a smooth and level gliding motion.
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Exclusive base that was designed for support and superior stability

lift chair

  • Power assistance control for sitting, standing, or reclining smoothly and easily
  • Available with massage and heated recliner functions
  • Hand-held controls that are easy to use

designers choice

  • Hidden reclining with great looking style
  • Choose from high leg and low profile designs
  • Available in top grain leathers and fashionable fabrics

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17 Mar

Fabric Names Explained

It can be difficult sometimes to realize what different fabric and manufacturing terms means. Here is some additional information on “micros”.

“Micro Denier” refers to the yarn used in the fabric. “Denier” is used to indicate the size of the yarn.  So, a micro denier yarn is smaller than a normal yarn, and usually is made from a polyester/nylon blend.  The fabric has not been through the suede process.

“Sueded Micro Denier” is a micro denier yarn fabric that has been put through the suede process. This process involves brushing the fabric before it is dyed, then again after it is dyed.  The brush used has many small pins. After the fabric is sheared, it will have the final suede look and touch.  A finish is then applied to the fabric to make it easy to clean.

Sueded micro denier fabrics are also easier to clean because of the smaller sized yarn that is woven together tightly, so that dirt, dust, and food particles cannot penetrate the fabric itself.

“Padded Sueded Micro Denier” is a micro denier fabric that has a layer of padding between the backing and the face, adding dimension and softness.

“Microfiber” is actually the name of a company, not the actual type of the fabric! Microfiber fabric is actually a micro denier.

“Recycled Leather” is a composite material made from the recycled leather scraps, with a cellular polyurethane face.  After-treatment is not recommended.

Pictured: Rowan Sectional Loveseatrowan

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02 Mar

La-Z-Boy iClean™ Fabrics

iCleanLa-Z-Boy offers high performance iClean™ fabrics with built in stain-resistant technology.  This innovative fabric repels spills, keeping your furniture soft and beautiful, while still being easy to clean.

Perfect for homes with kids, pets, or just everyday life, the iClean™ fabrics have innovative technology surrounding each fiber, so it creates a barrier of protection to help repel spills before they stain.

iClean™ fabrics are available on most La-Z-Boy styles.

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23 Feb

Facet Square Cocktail Table

facetThe Facet Square Cocktail Table is an amazing piece of furniture, innovative in its design and functionality.  It can function as a simple stationary coffee table, or the three built-in telescoping trays can provide additional height options. It’s extremely sturdy wood, and is 40″ wide, 43″ deep, and has a maximum height of 217 inches!

The Facet Square Cocktail Table will be the talk of any party or social gathering!

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15 Feb

Keller Premier Loveseat

kellerIf you’re looking for an attractive Loveseat to compliment the rest of the furniture in your living room, the Keller Premier is a fantastic and extremely comfortable option. With two sloping arms, two matching accent pillows, and over 900 colors, cover types, and patterns available, this loveseat is an awesome choice for your home.

It sports a body width of 61″, a depth of 39.0″, and a height of 37.5″.

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23 Jan

Collins Sectional with Sleeper


Do you have a large extended family that comes to visit and you find yourself lacking for sleeping accommodations?  Fret no more!  You can create more comfortable sleeping space with the La-Z-Boy Collins Sectional with Sleeper!  The sleeper can be arranged in three different ways and you have over 900 covers of various types (Leather, Performance, iClean and Fabric) to choose from!

You can also choose from a standard cushion or for maximum comfort choose Memory Foam cushions (for an additional upgrade charge).

You and your guests deserve the very best!

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15 Jan

La-Z-Boy’s Fortune La-Z-Time Full Reclining Loveseat



Movie theaters are trying to simulate the home experience by doing something we’ve been doing for years and years — giving people throughout the world the opportunity to lean back and enjoy their favorite movie at home!  They can’t even come close!

La-Z-Boy’s Fortune La-Z-Time Full Reclining Loveseat not only has two unbelievably comfortable reclining chairs but also a center console with cup holders that will keep your favorite drinks intact and safe from spilling!  An optional upgrade gives you a power station where you can charge your phones or other electronic devices, and you can also upgrade your cushions to luxurious memory foam (for an additional charge).

There are over 900 fabrics and leathers for you to choose from to match the decor of your home!

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