02 Mar

La-Z-Boy iClean™ Fabrics

iCleanLa-Z-Boy offers high performance iClean™ fabrics with built in stain-resistant technology.  This innovative fabric repels spills, keeping your furniture soft and beautiful, while still being easy to clean.

Perfect for homes with kids, pets, or just everyday life, the iClean™ fabrics have innovative technology surrounding each fiber, so it creates a barrier of protection to help repel spills before they stain.

iClean™ fabrics are available on most La-Z-Boy styles.

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10 May

Ellen DeGeneres, Mothers, and La-Z-Boy’s iClean Fabric

La-Z-Boy celebrated Mother’s Day with Ellen DeGeneres and a crowd full of moms.  We surprised them with brand new furniture featuring La-Z-Boy’s new iClean™ fabric!

Our high-performance iClean fabrics are perfect for homes with children, pets, and everyday life.  This innovative technology surrounds each fiber, repelling spills before they turn into stains.

Watch us debut iClean™ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

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