17 Mar

Fabric Names Explained

It can be difficult sometimes to realize what different fabric and manufacturing terms means. Here is some additional information on “micros”.

“Micro Denier” refers to the yarn used in the fabric. “Denier” is used to indicate the size of the yarn.  So, a micro denier yarn is smaller than a normal yarn, and usually is made from a polyester/nylon blend.  The fabric has not been through the suede process.

“Sueded Micro Denier” is a micro denier yarn fabric that has been put through the suede process. This process involves brushing the fabric before it is dyed, then again after it is dyed.  The brush used has many small pins. After the fabric is sheared, it will have the final suede look and touch.  A finish is then applied to the fabric to make it easy to clean.

Sueded micro denier fabrics are also easier to clean because of the smaller sized yarn that is woven together tightly, so that dirt, dust, and food particles cannot penetrate the fabric itself.

“Padded Sueded Micro Denier” is a micro denier fabric that has a layer of padding between the backing and the face, adding dimension and softness.

“Microfiber” is actually the name of a company, not the actual type of the fabric! Microfiber fabric is actually a micro denier.

“Recycled Leather” is a composite material made from the recycled leather scraps, with a cellular polyurethane face.  After-treatment is not recommended.

Pictured: Rowan Sectional Loveseatrowan

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05 Jun

The Choice is Yours!

la-z-boy-seattle-custom-fabricsWhatever colors and fabrics you’re looking for, La-Z-Boy Seattle has it covered!

Search among our 900+ fabrics and leathers to find the perfect cover for your furnishings.  You can choose among our large selection of genuine leather selections for natural beauty, a luxurious feel, and durability or you can choose among our performance fabrics.  Each of these durable fabrics is made from microfiber and will defend against fading, stand up to stains, and make clean up a breeze!   The choices are yours!!

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24 May

The Annual Tukwila, WA Backyard Wildlife Festival

This Saturday (May 14th from 9:00am to 3:00pm) marks the 16th Annual Backyard Wildlife Festival and La-Z-Boy Tukwila invites you to attend this family-friendly and fun event held at the Tukwila Community Center.

This festival celebrates nature, gardening and wildlife and it will feature presentations from local experts including Robin Haglund, Marianne Binetti, and Ciscoe Morris.  There will also be a wide variety of educational exhibitors, native plant sales, and arts & craft vendors.


Loop Ottoman in our Seabreeze fabric

There is plenty to keep the entire family entertained at this event!  After attending the festival, come by our La-Z-Boy Tukwila store and explore our nature and wildlife-inspired fabrics.   We’re open till 7PM!

Learn more about the Tukwila Backyard Wildlife Festival.

06 Aug

Fabric Choices Galore!


Did you know that, with La-Z-Boy, you can choose from over 800 fabrics!  No matter what style of furniture you select, your piece can be upholstered in an unending choice that ranges from fabrics in all colors, textures and patterns to supple leather. Browse online and then visit one of our La-Z-Boy Seattle locations to start customizing!

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