05 Mar

The Accent Chair That Reclines: The Ryder

This piece of furniture is so stylish and is the perfect accent to any living room set. On top of its perfect style, it also has the power to recline. The new Ryder duo® Reclining Chair is part of our award-winning duo series and it gives your space a contemporary look while also being able to provide comfort and function. Once you find yourself in the comfort of the Ryder duo Reclining Chair, you will never want to leave your living room!

Just Below the Surface

Luxury and style do not take a backseat to comfort with this piece. The outside arms and back of the chair are padded, and the decorative wooden legs add some warmth to this piece of furniture. The ComfortCore® seat cushion provides the best support whether you are enjoying a quick cup of coffee or entertaining your guests for the evening. This reclining chair also features a tall back for extra head support.

Control the Comfort

The side of the Ryder duo® Reclining Chair features a side-mounted control panel that allows you to recline and raise the legrest with the simple touch of a button. For added convenience, the side-mounted control has a built-in USB post to charge your phone, tablet, or laptop with ease. Now you have the freedom to put this accent piece any place you want instead of forcing it to fit next to your wall outlet.

The Ryder duo® Reclining Chair is handcrafted in the U.S.A. with U.S. and imported parts. Our premium grade fabrics and leathers are tested to resist wear and fading and are also completely customizable to match any room!

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Dimensions of the Ryder duo® Reclining Chair:

• Body Depth: 38.0

• Body Height: 42.0

• Body Width: 36.5

21 Sep

It’s Like Sitting on a Marshmallow

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little R & R once in a while. Whether it’s during Sunday morning coffee or Thursday afternoon iced tea, your recliner is there when you need to chill out. A great recliner puts you at ease at the end of the day for you to put your feet up and catch up on the news. One of the best things about this type of furniture is that everyone knows that’s “your spot”. Although, it’s not unusual to find the dog there keeping your seat warm for you.

The Jasper Reclina-Way® Recliner is one of La-Z-Boy’s most comfortable recliners ever designed. Not only is it wide enough to really stretch out, but the padded arms and ultra-plush seat back are sure to lull you right to sleep. The pillow-covered surface of this recliner provides extreme comfort that will last for years.

Another fantastic element of this recliner is that the space-saving design allows you to fully recline just a few inches away from the wall. That means, in smaller spaces, you won’t have to set up this recliner far off the wall to allow for a comfortable recline. On those rainy Seattle days, it’s nice to have a dependable place to sit back and relax that’s all your own.

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24 Jul

Introducing the Edie Duo® Reclining 2 Seat Sofa

For those with a simple, refined taste in furniture, the Edie Duo Reclining 2 Seat Sofa may be just what you need. Quickly glancing at the sofa, you would never be able to guess that it reclines, but it does. The design of the sofa is sleek yet comfortable. La-Z-Boy’s newest line of sofas are groundbreaking, giving customers the high-end feel they are looking for and also the comfort they need.

The Edie Duo Reclining 2 Seat Sofa is equipped with built-in USB ports for your charging convenience. Recline back and unwind after a long day with a touch of a button, providing you maximum comfort and relaxation. With the Duo collections, you get the best of both worlds. Your sofa will leave your space feeling open and roomy with its sleek design for when you have guests over. The Duo sofas are a pleasant surprise to most, giving them the option to recline when they want. A great addition to your home, the Edie Reclining 2 Seat Sofa will not disappoint.

Body Depth: 42.0
Body Height: 39.0
Body Width: 81.5
Seat Depth: 21.5
Seat Height: 22.0
Seat Width: 66.0

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20 Mar

The Classic La-Z-Boy Recliner

If your living room is your refuge after a long day of work, you probably spend a lot of your time off in your La-Z-Boy recliner. Whether it’s part of a loveseat, like the Lancer Power Recliner, a piece in your sectional, or the one and only spot in the living room to take a seat, your recliner is an important part of your life at home.

Lancer Power Recliner

Your La-Z-Boy recliner is often the most comfortable spot in the house, so you will want a recliner that has just the right features. This recliner loveseat has all of La-Z-Boy’s best characteristics. With pillow-padded arms and power recline, you can ease back into an easy recline with just the push of a button.


This recliner is situated in a room with a light throw blanket in a contrasting color. Since the yellow in the blanket picks up on the yellow throughout the rug, it helps to tie the room together. If you are concerned about spilling things onto the upholstery of your recliner, it can be helpful to choose a darker color such as this one.


La-Z-Boy recliners have the reputation of high quality and comfort that lasts for years. By investing in a recliner made by a reputable company, you know you’ll have access to customer service and customizable convenience when ordering. La-Z-Boy is proud to be an American company that’s constantly investing in an American workforce.


Body Depth: 40.0
Body Height: 43.5
Body Width: 64.5
Seat Depth: 20.0
Seat Height: 20.0
Seat Width: 45.0

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23 Jan

Sitting on A Cloud with the Gibson Reclina-Rocker® Recliner

Looking for a recliner to melt into after a tough day? Head in the clouds while looking for new furniture? Look no further than the Gibson Reclina-Rocker® Recliner. This exquisite recliner is covered in tufts of plush pillowy comfort. Sitting back and relaxing has never felt so good!

We’ve all been there-a long outing with the family, running around all day to finish last-minute errands, or you’re exhausted after a shift on your feet. The idea of relaxing into a cloud can be intoxicating when you’re that tired! This recliner is there for you with all the comfort La-Z-Boy has to offer.

An added feature available for this recliner is the PowerReclineXR option which gives you the power of electricity to adjust the leg rest and back with the touch of a button. Find which combination suits you and explore a variety of positions for optimal relaxation.

This recliner comes in your choice of a wide variety of fabric and leather upholstery-over 700 choices in fact! Don’t settle for “comfortable enough” when you could be encompassed in soft pillows every time you enter the living room.

Body Depth: 43.0
Body Height: 44.0
Body Width: 40.0
Seat Depth: 22.5
Seat Height: 20.0
Seat Width: 17.0

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23 Mar

A Look at La-Z-Boy Seattle’s 6 Types of Recliners

  • Patented La-Z-Boy mechanisms for the smoothest reclining
  • Totally body and lumbar support while you rock and recline
  • Locking leg rest offers 3 positions for customized support

  • Short on space? These recliners recline forward for space-saving convenience
  • Customizable with adjustable settings
  • Engineered for the smoothest reclining movement, exclusively for La-Z-Boy

  • Effortless movement, with a 6 second recline time from upright to fully reclined
  • Power controlled reclining for personalized comfort in any position
  • Quiet and stable base for a smooth reclining motion

  • Perfect for watching TV, with a smooth and level gliding motion.
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Exclusive base that was designed for support and superior stability

  • Power assistance control for sitting, standing, or reclining smoothly and easily
  • Available with massage and heated recliner functions
  • Hand-held controls that are easy to use

  • Hidden reclining with great looking style
  • Choose from high leg and low profile designs
  • Available in top grain leathers and fashionable fabrics

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15 Jan

La-Z-Boy’s Fortune La-Z-Time Full Reclining Loveseat


Movie theaters are trying to simulate the home experience by doing something we’ve been doing for years and years — giving people throughout the world the opportunity to lean back and enjoy their favorite movie at home!  They can’t even come close!

La-Z-Boy’s Fortune La-Z-Time Full Reclining Loveseat not only has two unbelievably comfortable reclining chairs but also a center console with cup holders that will keep your favorite drinks intact and safe from spilling!  An optional upgrade gives you a power station where you can charge your phones or other electronic devices, and you can also upgrade your cushions to luxurious memory foam (for an additional charge).

There are over 900 fabrics and leathers for you to choose from to match the decor of your home!

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26 Jun

Meet the La-Z-Boy Thorne Recliner

If you’re too afraid of thorns, you’ll end up missing the roses!

Check out the La-Z-Boy Thorne recliner.  This recliner takes a traditional style and creates its own beauty!  This high-leg recliner flaunts tapered legs, a handsome button-tufted back, and simple, flared, rolled arms.  The Thorne recliner goes well with all sorts of furniture groupings.

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22 Nov

Start Your Morning with La-Z-Boy’s Riley Recliner

What better way to start your morning than with the Riley High Leg Recliner from La-Z-Boy.

An artful, sculptured shape with a sophisticated flair, Riley is perfectly at home paired with your contemporary sofa or left to showcase a corner entirely on its own. Comfortable too, you’ll appreciate the inviting curves and luxurious cushioning.

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05 Feb

Throwback Thursday: La-Z-Boy and Bing Crosby


La-Z-Boy Seattle is celebrating Throwback Thursday with this great, classic La-Z-Boy ad featuring Bing Crosby and his wife, Kathryn.

This 1967 La-Z-Boy ad was featured in McCall’s and says:

“Man, this is really relaxin’…an evening at home with Kathryn in our La-Z-Boy chairs….

Why not make the LA-Z-BOY chairs a family affair in your home? You can watch television…read…or pamper yourself with a quick nap! You’ll find head-to-toe contentment built into every LA-Z-BOY chair…with the convenient Comfort Selector…that lets you relax with or without reclining the chair….

Once you’ve enjoyed the relaxing comfort of LA-Z-BOY’s Reclina-Rocker, you’ll insist on making it a family affair in your home…for a lifetime of enjoyment.”