28 Sep

Why the Dawson Sectional Has Us Ready for Fall

With the crisp Fall air rolling into Seattle toward the end of September, the best time to do a house remodel is quickly slipping away. Fortunately, if you still have that redesign itch but the weather isn’t cooperating, finding new furniture is a great option. La-Z-Boy’s professional delivery services ensure the furniture comes wrapped in plastic so as to protect it from the cold weather elements. The best way to get started redecorating your home is by refreshing that old furniture that no longer offers support, or is just covered in stains.

With all the wear and tear that a sectional goes through between kids, pets, and house guests, it’s important to choose a piece that has a reputation of being built to last. La-Z-Boy’s track record of having comfortable, lasting furniture has made it the household brand that it is today, both literally and figuratively. Not only are the cushions engineered to stand the test of time, but with iClean fabric, your upholstery will be able to withstand accidents that otherwise would have you crying over spilled milk.

The Dawson sectional is the perfect addition to any family’s home and will wow guests on Thanksgiving. From the reclining seats to the sumptuous chaise, the Dawson sectional is a terrific option for a larger space. Since the seats are so wide, the whole family can comfortably spend time together watching movies or during game night.

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27 Aug

Contemporary Yet Traditional: The Trouper Sectional

lazboy tukwila trouper sectional

Contemporary yet traditional is exactly what our Trouper sectional is. Possibly one of the most perfect family-friendly sectionals out there, every seat is the best seat on La-Z-Boy’s Trouper sectional. If you are looking to experience maximum comfort, this is the sectional for you. Carefully designed bucket seats that mold around your body and split-back cushions to support your head and neck are just some of the features of this La-Z-Boy sectional.

lazy boy sectional trouper

Though it’s true that every seat is the best seat, the reclining chaise is possibly the greatest spot of all time. Between the reclining chaise and the next seat, you’ll be able to find a middle console conveniently placed as a spot for your drinks, food and remotes. Available in a variety of colors and materials, the Trouper sectional is a great choice for all spaces.

As always, La-Z-Boy’s furniture is built to last, promising years of use for you and your family. The Trouper sectional will become your family’s spot to make memories, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. If your home is the spot for celebrations and holidays, look no further than the Trouper sectional to provide enough comfortable seating for all.

Dimensions vary based on design.

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22 Apr

The Comfortably Casual Sectional

lazboy seattle collins sectional

Some people have no-flash, no-frills personalities. They prefer things to look neat and modest rather than ornate and opulent. To get that homey feel in your living room, choosing a sectional with comfortable, casual character can let other pieces in the room shine. This Collins Sectional with Sleeper is functional and casual. Perfect for families that value simplicity over sumptuous style, this sectional will become the spot for you all to hang out and make memories.

A sleeper sectional offers great benefits. If you have relatives stop in frequently, a sleeper sectional will keep them comfortable and with enough space in case they bring children. Easily fold it away to keep your space neat.

Product image may differ from actual furniture item. La-Z-Boy products are hand crafted and variations from standard dimensions and appearance can occur. Constructions differences in upholstery covering (cloth and leather) can cause variances in dimensions.

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27 Feb

Leather Sectional: The Allerton Sectional


Throw a design curveball with this unique sectional. The Allerton Sectional by La-Z-Boy has the sleek sophistication you’ve been searching for. Curved sectionals add an element of interest and unexpected style that can be hard to pinpoint. If you’re looking for a sectional that has high arms and a sleek finish that is also comfortable enough to invite you to stay for an afternoon, this sectional is it.

As with all La-Z-Boy furniture, this sectional is highly customizable for specified shapes and fabrics. By visiting your local La-Z-Boy store, you’ll be able to find sectionals of all shapes, sizes and textures. The unifying feature, however is how comfortable you’ll be, no matter what the outside looks like.

Sectionals are a great way to pack in the seating area of your living space. Though very small spaces may feel cramped with a sectional, you might be surprised at how a mid-sized living room can look. Before purchasing a sectional, consider using blue painter’s tape to map out the dimensions of the furniture and decide if it can fit.

Dimensions vary depending on the type of pieces you choose for this sectional.

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23 Jan

Collins Sectional with Sleeper


Do you have a large extended family that comes to visit and you find yourself lacking for sleeping accommodations?  Fret no more!  You can create more comfortable sleeping space with the La-Z-Boy Collins Sectional with Sleeper!  The sleeper can be arranged in three different ways and you have over 900 covers of various types (Leather, Performance, iClean and Fabric) to choose from!

You can also choose from a standard cushion or for maximum comfort choose Memory Foam cushions (for an additional upgrade charge).

You and your guests deserve the very best!

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