26 Mar

Enough Space for Everyone: The Collins Sectional

The possibilities with the Collins Sectional are endless. Giving you total comfort for yourself or for the whole family, this sectional is made to relax and unwind after a long day. This sectional is completely customizable and will continue to give you comfort and durability for years to come.

It’s All in the Details

The Collins gives simple style elements such as overscaled rolled arms, decorative wooden legs, and welt trim to make any room stand out with contemporary feel. Most loved by our customers is the deep, wide seats made with patented ComfortCore® cushions to provide the perfect balance between support and comfort without compromise.

Endless Upgrades

With so many upgrades and customizations, the Collins Sectional can fit into any room in your home. Not only do you have a choice of which style fabric you can have, there are also other options such as colors, patterns, as well as the finish you would like. The customization does not stop there because you also have an option of sectional pieces. You can add a right-arm sitting chair, a right-arm sitting loveseat, or a right-arm sitting chaise if you would like to stretch your legs out. Other customizations for your choosing are welt trim with a contrasting color, adding comfort gel to the seat cushions, or some decorative pillows.

The Collins Sectional is handcrafted in the US and can be hand-delivered to your home. Free swatch sets are also available to help customize your sectional to your liking.

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05 Mar

The Accent Chair That Reclines: The Ryder

This piece of furniture is so stylish and is the perfect accent to any living room set. On top of its perfect style, it also has the power to recline. The new Ryder duo® Reclining Chair is part of our award-winning duo series and it gives your space a contemporary look while also being able to provide comfort and function. Once you find yourself in the comfort of the Ryder duo Reclining Chair, you will never want to leave your living room!

Just Below the Surface

Luxury and style do not take a backseat to comfort with this piece. The outside arms and back of the chair are padded, and the decorative wooden legs add some warmth to this piece of furniture. The ComfortCore® seat cushion provides the best support whether you are enjoying a quick cup of coffee or entertaining your guests for the evening. This reclining chair also features a tall back for extra head support.

Control the Comfort

The side of the Ryder duo® Reclining Chair features a side-mounted control panel that allows you to recline and raise the legrest with the simple touch of a button. For added convenience, the side-mounted control has a built-in USB post to charge your phone, tablet, or laptop with ease. Now you have the freedom to put this accent piece any place you want instead of forcing it to fit next to your wall outlet.

The Ryder duo® Reclining Chair is handcrafted in the U.S.A. with U.S. and imported parts. Our premium grade fabrics and leathers are tested to resist wear and fading and are also completely customizable to match any room!

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Dimensions of the Ryder duo® Reclining Chair:

• Body Depth: 38.0

• Body Height: 42.0

• Body Width: 36.5

28 Sep

Why the Dawson Sectional Has Us Ready for Fall

With the crisp Fall air rolling into Seattle toward the end of September, the best time to do a house remodel is quickly slipping away. Fortunately, if you still have that redesign itch but the weather isn’t cooperating, finding new furniture is a great option. La-Z-Boy’s professional delivery services ensure the furniture comes wrapped in plastic so as to protect it from the cold weather elements. The best way to get started redecorating your home is by refreshing that old furniture that no longer offers support, or is just covered in stains.

With all the wear and tear that a sectional goes through between kids, pets, and house guests, it’s important to choose a piece that has a reputation of being built to last. La-Z-Boy’s track record of having comfortable, lasting furniture has made it the household brand that it is today, both literally and figuratively. Not only are the cushions engineered to stand the test of time, but with iClean fabric, your upholstery will be able to withstand accidents that otherwise would have you crying over spilled milk.

The Dawson sectional is the perfect addition to any family’s home and will wow guests on Thanksgiving. From the reclining seats to the sumptuous chaise, the Dawson sectional is a terrific option for a larger space. Since the seats are so wide, the whole family can comfortably spend time together watching movies or during game night.

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21 Sep

It’s Like Sitting on a Marshmallow

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little R & R once in a while. Whether it’s during Sunday morning coffee or Thursday afternoon iced tea, your recliner is there when you need to chill out. A great recliner puts you at ease at the end of the day for you to put your feet up and catch up on the news. One of the best things about this type of furniture is that everyone knows that’s “your spot”. Although, it’s not unusual to find the dog there keeping your seat warm for you.

The Jasper Reclina-Way® Recliner is one of La-Z-Boy’s most comfortable recliners ever designed. Not only is it wide enough to really stretch out, but the padded arms and ultra-plush seat back are sure to lull you right to sleep. The pillow-covered surface of this recliner provides extreme comfort that will last for years.

Another fantastic element of this recliner is that the space-saving design allows you to fully recline just a few inches away from the wall. That means, in smaller spaces, you won’t have to set up this recliner far off the wall to allow for a comfortable recline. On those rainy Seattle days, it’s nice to have a dependable place to sit back and relax that’s all your own.

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14 Sep

The Chic Alexandria Premier Sofa

Why is it that a tufted sofa has such an elegant feel? Is it because it evokes an image of antique pieces found in lavish mansions, or maybe it just reminds an onlooker of a stately chesterfield style sofa. Either way, the Alexandria Premier Sofa is a gorgeous stationary piece that instantly elevates the feel of a room.

The feelings of luxury this sofa evokes are subconscious, as the button tufting creates a diamond pattern. Regardless of the classic inspiration of this piece, the sloped arms create a modern twist on the high rolled arms one might typically find. Complemented by slender tapered legs, this classy piece is an exquisite example of transitional design.

Part of the Urban Attitudes® collection, Alexandria is one of the many La-Z-Boy pieces that have a more unique feel to them. Customize the upholstery and colors to your liking, just make sure to choose iClean in case your glass of wine finds itself spilled on a cushion.

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07 Sep

La-Z-Boy’s Issaquah Furniture Gallery Includes Bedding

Feeling motivated in the morning has a lot to do with your surroundings. If you wake up feeling inspired by a room that makes you happy, your whole day begins with a positive mindset. Creating a space that excites you to take on your day is an important aspect of self-care. At La-Z-Boy’s Issaquah Furniture Galleries, we recognize how important this is, so in this location, we made sure to establish a sub-store, specifically for bedding.

Choosing a great bed has everything to do with the features offered. You will want to make sure the furniture won’t creak with every toss and turn, and that there is built-in storage to stay organized. Don’t forget about choosing between full, queen and king to make sure your bed suits the size of your bedroom.

Casual and rustic, the Southbury Panel Bed is attractive with soft-close drawers, a flip down pull-out drawer and a hidden lingerie chest. This piece looks fantastic in a room with calming, muted colors to give the entire space a tranquil, chic feel.

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27 Jun

The Brand New Arrow Collection

One of the latest editions to La-Z-Boy’s family of quality home furniture is the Arrow Collection. This mod collection is great for mid-century modern styled homes with other furniture that evokes a retro feel. The split cushion back has a more futuristic feel, while the angled legs are a relic of former times. A unique yet timeless collection, the arrow collection is the perfect way to welcome summer.

La-Z-Boy furniture has evolved over the years and has a vast array of styles that range from farmhouse chic to modern and sleek. The arrow collection can be styled with pillows, blankets and other accessories, or it can be left bare for a minimalist feel—this collection can speak for itself. Capable of complimenting other furniture pieces already in the home, the arrow collection will leave your guests speechless.

The arrow collection is the leather furniture for Spring and Summer 2018 that is long awaited. Not only will there be a sectional available, but also a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. So stop stalling the redesign process and jump into it feeling confident and comfortable. The arrow collection will bring that refreshed feel to your home that you are looking for, while also keeping the homey feel that everyone loves.

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20 Jun

The Sweetest Chair And A Half: Dolce

The Dolce premier chair and a half has a simple and beautiful feel that is beloved by countless La-Z-Boy customers. Sometimes you need a little extra space in a chair when slimmer chairs don’t provide the comfort you are looking for—somewhere between a chair and a loveseat is the chair and a half.

Perfect for spreading out and watching a movie on a Friday night, everyone will be trying to claim this chair as their territory. Providing maximum comfort and space, the Dolce premier chair and a half is the addition your living space needs. Dress it up with a nice throw pillow that really compliments the color of the chair, and you will be all set for the next gathering at your home.

The Dolce chair and a half has sleek tapered wood legs and a subtle scooped back. The arms flare slightly, which adds a dimension of interest. You can customize this piece to your specific needs, as it is available in over 700 colors. Dolce is an inviting spot to melt into at the end of the day and looks great in a living room set with the similar Dolce Sofa.

Body Depth: 37.5
Body Height: 37.5
Body Width: 48.0
Seat Depth: 22.5
Seat Height: 21.5
Seat Width: 33.0

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23 Mar

A Look at La-Z-Boy Seattle’s 6 Types of Recliners

  • Patented La-Z-Boy mechanisms for the smoothest reclining
  • Totally body and lumbar support while you rock and recline
  • Locking leg rest offers 3 positions for customized support

  • Short on space? These recliners recline forward for space-saving convenience
  • Customizable with adjustable settings
  • Engineered for the smoothest reclining movement, exclusively for La-Z-Boy

  • Effortless movement, with a 6 second recline time from upright to fully reclined
  • Power controlled reclining for personalized comfort in any position
  • Quiet and stable base for a smooth reclining motion

  • Perfect for watching TV, with a smooth and level gliding motion.
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Exclusive base that was designed for support and superior stability

  • Power assistance control for sitting, standing, or reclining smoothly and easily
  • Available with massage and heated recliner functions
  • Hand-held controls that are easy to use

  • Hidden reclining with great looking style
  • Choose from high leg and low profile designs
  • Available in top grain leathers and fashionable fabrics

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17 Mar

Fabric Names Explained

It can be difficult sometimes to realize what different fabric and manufacturing terms means. Here is some additional information on “micros”.

“Micro Denier” refers to the yarn used in the fabric. “Denier” is used to indicate the size of the yarn.  So, a micro denier yarn is smaller than a normal yarn, and usually is made from a polyester/nylon blend.  The fabric has not been through the suede process.

“Sueded Micro Denier” is a micro denier yarn fabric that has been put through the suede process. This process involves brushing the fabric before it is dyed, then again after it is dyed.  The brush used has many small pins. After the fabric is sheared, it will have the final suede look and touch.  A finish is then applied to the fabric to make it easy to clean.

Sueded micro denier fabrics are also easier to clean because of the smaller sized yarn that is woven together tightly, so that dirt, dust, and food particles cannot penetrate the fabric itself.

“Padded Sueded Micro Denier” is a micro denier fabric that has a layer of padding between the backing and the face, adding dimension and softness.

“Microfiber” is actually the name of a company, not the actual type of the fabric! Microfiber fabric is actually a micro denier.

“Recycled Leather” is a composite material made from the recycled leather scraps, with a cellular polyurethane face.  After-treatment is not recommended.

Pictured: Rowan Sectional Loveseat

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