02 Oct

Wow Your Guests with the Amy Sleep Sofa

the la-z-boy amy sleep sofa

With the holidays right around the corner, family and friends will find themselves staying the night, or maybe even a few nights. Many people don’t have the extra space to have a guest room in their homes so having an extra bed for guests is not possible. Before you pull out that air mattress, you should know that there is another option. The Amy Sleep Sofa is a beautiful, comfortable sofa that folds out into a bed.

Amy Sleep Sofa Details

The Amy Sleep Sofa is a space-saving option that allows your guests to be comfortable when visiting you. The hidden Supreme Comfort™ Queen mattress will make your guests never want to leave. When it’s time for the guests to head home, this guest bed easily transforms back into a beautiful, sleek sofa. This sofa is casual with a splash of contemporary due to the slightly flared arms, welt trim and tapered wood legs. It’s also important to note that the sofa is just as incredibly comfortable as the bed due to the ComfortCore® cushions. Make sure your loved ones stay comfortable in your home by using the Amy Sleep Sofa.

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Dimensions of the Amy Sleep Sofa:

Body Depth: 39.0

Body Height: 38.0

Body Width: 80.5

19 Sep

Get Ultra Comfy With the Dolce Sofa

lazy boy seattle dolce sofa

When it comes to integral parts of your living space, its sometimes best to keep it simple (or not). With La-Z-Boy’s range of style options per furniture piece, it’s best to look for comfort first and focus on personal style later.

The Dolce Sofa lets you choose from an assortment of patterns, colors and materials to custom fit this piece into your life. This sofa has laid-back charm with rounded arms, welted trim, and tapered wooden legs. From floral to solids, it’s easy to find a pattern that suits you. For added flare, throw pillows or blankets can create warmth in your living room or keep it looking modern with this sofa standing alone.

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Dimension of the La-Z-Boy Dolce Sofa:

Body Depth: 37.5

Body Height: 37.5

Body Width: 82.0      

30 Jan

Never Miss a Thing in a Swivel Chair

When you are selecting the next piece of furniture for your living room, you need to consider all the essential factors. What color would match the décor the best? Is this comfortable enough for me to sit on for decades to come? What size will work best in my living space?

There is one question many furniture hunters often overlook, and that is, “does this work with my lifestyle”?

Chances are, you are a curious human being. We all are, it’s part of our human nature. Have you ever just sat down and then heard something that caused you to jump right back up? How many times have you had to check on commotion from your kids right after you sat down?

Well fret not, there is a solution out there for those of you who would like to be in “the know”, but do not want get up for every little disturbance. Swivel chairs allow you to remain seated and give you a 360 view of your surroundings. And you can do this without sacrificing comfort. Choose a chair that will move with your curiosity. You will not be sacrificing anything by adding some pirouette to your furniture.

Consider the Midtown Premier Swivel Glider. Choose from a wide selection of materials, colors, and patterns. With this chair, you will never miss out from the comfort of your own home. This chair’s sleek design can fit right into your aesthetic without being dramatically different.

Body Depth: 36.0
Body Height: 40.0
Body Width: 32.0
Seat Depth: 21.0
Seat Height: 20.5
Seat Width: 21.5

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