10 Mar

La-Z-Boy Seattle Invites you to Meet “The Makers” of La-Z-Boy: Leslie Salenbien

la-z-boy-seattle-the-makers-leslie-salenbienLeslie Salenbien is a La-Z-Boy Merchandising Product Manager and she says her department is always looking at the latest trends. “We have a lot of different markets to serve and we want to make sure that everybody’s got a flavor they can pick from.”

“We have a great brand” Leslie says about our La-Z-Boy family. “Behind the great brand is a great product and what makes a great product are the people that develop it.”

“The things that kinda inspire us are the way our families interacts….Maybe there is a solution we can have in our furnishings that can bring families closer together that allows us to plug our electronics into our actual pieces of furniture….Families are life. Families come first.”

Watch the La-Z-Boy “The Makers” video on Leslie Salenbien