25 May

La-Z-Boy Seattle Invites you to Meet “The Makers” of La-Z-Boy: Penny Eudy

la-z-boy-seattle-the-makers-penny-eudyPenny Eudy is a Product Manager of Upholstery for La-Z-Boy and is one of the many La-Z-Boy employees who gets excited about seeking inspiration.

“I’m constantly looking at things,” says Eudy. “I want to see things that other people may not pay attention to.”

“Inspiration is found is so many different areas…especially when it interprets into a fabric and you can see a similarity,” Eudy continues. “I love to people watch and see all the different clothes people have on because you can really start getting a good idea about trends….”

“We have a unique opportunity to really affect people’s lives. Your home is where you come to life so to understand that entire environment and to be able to create it is what I find, quite honestly, amazing!”

Watch the La-Z-Boy “The Makers” video with Penny Eudy