07 Jul

Is Gray the New “Perfect Neutral?”

If I asked a person to name the best neutral color, beige (or its’ cousins taupe and tan) would likely be the answer you get.  For years beige received the most attention when it comes to neutrals. These unassuming neutrals with their murky undertonse can often be a bit diva-like once they actually come into your home.

Gray is becoming another great neutral choice because of its almost chameleon-like quality, and its range of warm and cool shades, without a difficult undertone to worry about. The emergence of warm “greige” opened gray up to all sorts of decorating styles and greige, (the marriage of gray + beige) almost single-handedly moved gray onto the list of perfect neutrals.


Cooler gray shades can make a room feel temperate and inviting on a hot day, and grays with a pearly cast matched with pewter, silver or mirrored accessories look refined and understated. You can even use gray effectively with gold tones, browns or lots of polished wood.

Because it’s bold but not as saturated as darker or brighter neutrals, gray can make an attractive statement without shouting. Gray is also a great spatial neutralizer. Used on a far wall, it can make a long room look more in proportion without drawing too much attention to the visual trickery involved. It can minimize the impact of a too-high ceiling and provide a very effective backdrop for wall art.

Many are saying that it’s time to welcome the new world of gray!  Tell us if your thoughts on gray in the comments section.

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30 Jun

La-Z-Boy Seattle Invites you to Explore the La-Z-Boy 3D Room Planner

Summer is a time of inspiration and La-Z-Boy Seattle wants to know if you’re feeling inspired to redecorate?

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So let the creative juices flow and let the La-Z-Boy 3D Room Planner give you a helping hand!